The history of our Independence is a history of courage, sacrifice, sufferings and victories of the people who tirelessly strived for obtaining freedom from the British tyrants. ‘The Saga of our Independence’ is not only a scheme that tells about the country’s glorious past, but also identifies the great freedom fighters of our country and  facilitates our youth to know their life history.  Through this scheme, we are elevating the lives of youth by giving him adequate training for approaching the problems of our country in a healthy and constructive manner.

We conduct training on various qualities-punctuality, hard work, patience, perseverance, self – confidence, selfless and social thoughts, voicing against injustice, tolerance, showing love towards everyone, respecting others’ views that were  possessed by our great freedom fighters. These are the essential qualities required for today’s youth too. The foundation together with Gandhi study centre has conducting photo exhibitions all over Tamilnadu and Puduchery displaying around 250 photographs which cover the period of freedom struggle,  its various revolutionary impacts and the final victorious records of history. A clear map has been laid out for conducting events under this scheme.

 Photo Gallery