D. V. Venkatagiri


Puthiya Thalaimurai Foundation, primarily works on three areas – Education, Healthcare & Microenterprises. We run tuition centres in villages, awareness programmes on employment, skill-building workshops & short-term training courses for micro entrepreneurs and medical camps in villages and suburban areas.

Analysing the feedback of beneficiaries is an important part of our work. On a daily basis, we interact with our Rural Teachers and know from them the progress of our students. We receive appeals from students for educational scholarships – This is a very challenging one… because we can give scholarships only to that extent, we have… and it’s very difficult to say “no” to the demands. I mean, the genuine demands of our society is quite huge and a lot of intervention and support is required. Government alone cannot do this.

There are so many heroes and heroines in our work, whom we come across – Vilapakkam Venkatesan, a Village leader for bringing innovative economic solutions to tackle unemployment, Velmurugan, a committed village teacher, Pavendhan, an ambitious micro entrepreneur, Marimuthu Sir, a Tahsildar who is helping the rural youth by coaching themto take exams for Government Jobs, Madam Radha another committed village tuition center teacher, are all excellent sources of inspiration for us to keep going. The lessons that we learn every day in our work, is helpful to steer our organization forward. Follow-up  and monitoring regularly are the two most important qualities require for any project.