PTF Answers Some FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

  • What is meant by Membership and How one can enroll?     

Any person, attained the age of 16, with a desire to serve society can enroll himself/herself as member.

  • What one gains by becoming a member?

Serving needy is serving God. This is the well cherished theme and doctrine that people concede and followed for centuries in our country. In order to cater the desire of large hearted Men and Women, PTF provides platform to perform their wishes.

Human propensity to serve, to help and to give charity in any form is the central theme and common thread that PTF catches to involve large number of likeminded people and give a greatest satisfaction.

Individuals, however charitable they are, have limitations in their organizing capacity. PTF on its part identify such persons, enroll them, and make them to serve the society. Thus the charity and its efficacy are institutionalized by the Foundation.

  • Is the Foundation associated with any political outfit or subscribed to any particular philosophy?

Puthiya Thalaimurai Foundation unequivocally declares it is apolitical. The membership is open to all. Absolutely no discrimination is practiced on the basis of caste, colour, creed, religion,etc., Broad contours are open to the people to serve the society to which Puthiya Thalaimurai Foundation is a medium.

  • How shall I serve as a member?

PTF expects its members to involve the activities of the Foundation and render possible help in organizing various programmes. For serving as a member, he/she has wide choice to contribute. A few to mention: I) The member can help the field officer for organizing programmes. II) The member can take classes in the Free Tuition Centres in the capacity of a volunteer. III) The member can help in enrolling more members.

A member can be a catalyst in transforming the society and make it vibrant in all spheres.