It is now, more than a year since we began opening Free Tuition Centres across the Stat. In February 2011, we opened our first tuition centre in Poovalur, Tiruchi District, with a mission to start FTCs to benefit rural students. Now we have 172 centres functioning.


                On the SEEDS initiative, so far 1225 groups have been formed and a loan amount of Rs. 5.15 crores have been disbursed to 280 groups.  It is desirable that we should intensify our efforts, so that a large number will be benefited.

                                                FREE TUITION CENTRES & YOUTH SKILLS DEVELOPMENT

                Fine-tuning the Ftcs will be a major task this year. The Seminars, Training Camps, Job Fairs, etc., conducted by the Youth Skills Development programmes will provide ample scope in the development of youth.


                I am delighted to note that Mantharakuppam Mission has been carried out successfully by Puthiya Thalaimurai  Foundation. It has been made possible due to the fact that the Foundation swiftly swung into action by opening a special Free Tuition Centre there, with four full time teachers and volunteers. Their strenuous efforts have yielded results. All the 58 “slow learners” who had been scoring very little marks have come through successfully in the public exams, which is a matter of good satisfaction. I appreciate the teachers, volunteers and all others who worked to achieve this.


                    I wish all concerned every success.