Dear Member:

It gives me immense pleasure to present before you the Sixth Annual Report of our Foundation.Six years for an organisation is a good journey.

We are glad that our Foundation has acquired a clear vision and plan in two major and very important areas – Rural Education and Micro Enterprises.

Getting the vision right, is a major task for any organisation  and on that score, we are lucky that we are steadily building our strength in the above two areas.

Our Teachers, Parents and Students have their role cut out, as regards  the Rural Tuition Centres and in the coming days we can see more vibrancy in our Tuition Centres.

Forum for Micro Enterprises (FFME) will certainly continue to provide its effective services to our Youth to help them realize their self-employment goals.

Our Sincere thanks to our President, Advisor Thiru MS and Managing Director for their unstinted support to our Foundation.

My thanks to our District Honorary Organisers, Executive Committee Members, Volunteers and our Staff for making PTF a growing and a purposeful organisation.

Wishing you all the best